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B. Tech

1st Year (All B.Tech courses)

B.Tech Open Electives

B.Tech Compulsory Subject

Electronics Engg. / Electronics & Communication Engg. / Electronics & Telecommunication Engg.
Civil Engg.
Computer Science & Information Technology Engg.
Instrumentation & Control Engg.
Electrical Engg.
Bio Medical Engg.
Chemical Engg.
Marine Engg.
Manufacturing Technology
Agriculture Engineering
Textile Technology

Human Values & Professional Ethics

M. Tech

Mechanical Engineering [Effective from 2009-10]

Chemical Engineering (Regular) [Effective from 2008-09]

Chemical  Engineering – (Part-Time) [Effective from  2008-09]


MBA [Effective from 2008-09]


Elective Subject [Effective from 2004-05]

Evaluation Scheme


Evaluation Scheme

BHMCT (1st and 2nd year) [Effective from 2009-10]

BHMCT (3rd year) [Effective from 2009-10]


MCA Evaluation Scheme [Effective from 2008-09]

MCA (1st year) [Effective from session 2008-09]

MCA (2nd year) [Effective from session 2009-10]

MCA (3rd year) [Effective from session 2010-11]

MCA Elective Subjects


B.Pharm (1st to 4th year) [Effective from Session  2009-10]

M.Pharm. – Pharmaceutical Chemistry (1st year) [Effective from Session  2008-09]

M.Pharm. – Pharmaceutics (1st and 2nd year) [Effective from Session  2008-09]

M.Pharm. – Pharmacognosy (1st and 2nd year) [Effective from Session  2008-09]

M.Pharm. – Pharmacology (1st year) [Effective from Session  2010-11]